Clean Burning Gel Burner Fire Bowls. Portable table top outdoor heaters & Bio Ethanol Fuels



Gelburners & Bio Ethanol Fires - Now anyone can have a real flame fire instantly

 Running on a clean burning bio ethanol fuel these eco friendly fire bowls are an easy way to have a real living flame fire outdoors. These portable smokeless fires are an attractive way to patio heating. As they stay cool on the bottom they are a perfect tabletop heater.

Portable & table top bio fuel burners

Our Gel burners and portable bio ethanol fires are perfect for creating an atmosphere for a alfresco dining, or as a backdrop to a garden on a summers evening. Alternatively, on those dark cold nights, relax with a glass of wine and allow yourself to be hypnotised by the elegant golden flames. Our bio ethanol liquid and fire gel burns smokeless and odourless. All our burners are designed with safety in mind and come with comprehensive operating and safety instructions.


Fire Gel & Bio Ethanol Fuel

Your best and most reliable source of firegel and bio ethanol liquid in the UK. We import the highest quality fuels currently on the market - made from Bio-ethanol, the fuel burns smokeless and virtually odourless with a super bright flame. Available in easy to pour 1 litre bottles. For our portable outdoor burners we offer the choice of natural fire gel or citronella gel. We are also a leading supplier of bio ethanol liquid fuel.