Transform Your Living Space With Our Range Of Flueless Bio Ethanol Fires and Gel Burners

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Gelburners & Bio Ethanol Fires - Now anyone can have a real flame fire anywhere

With no need for a chimney or flue our bio fuel fires offer the perfect alternative to an electric fire and a hassle free way of enjoying a real flame. Running on a clean burning bio ethanol fuel these eco friendly fires are the only way to have a real living flame fire without connections. With a comprehensive range to choose from we have a heating solution for everyone whether it's indoors or out.

Portable & table top bio fuel burners

Our Gel burners and portable bio ethanol fires are perfect for creating an atmosphere for a dinner party, or as a backdrop to an evening BBQ. Alternatively, on those dark cold nights, relax with a glass of wine and allow yourself to be hypnotised by the elegant golden flames. Our bio ethanol liquid and fire gel burns smokeless and odourless. All our burners are designed with safety in mind and come with comprehensive operating and safety instructions.

Wall Mounted & Freestanding Bio fuel fires

If you've ever longed for a real fire but have been unable to have one due to not having a chimney or flue then we have the solution. Our wall mounted or freestanding bio ethanol fires burn cleanly so don't require flueing or venting. It's the only way you can enjoy the beauty of a living flame with no connections. This means they have the versatility of being able to be sited almost anywhere. With no complicated installation they either hang on the wall like a picture or free stand so if you move you can take them with you making them the last fire you will ever need to buy.

Fire Gel & Bio Ethanol Fuel

Your best and most reliable source of firegel and bio ethanol liquid in the UK. We import the highest quality fuels currently on the market - made from Bio-ethanol, the fuel burns smokeless and virtually odourless with a super bright flame. Available in easy to pour 1 litre bottles.

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